Teachers make the best of the blackout

Ella Exterkamp and Maggie Schroeder

The power outage yesterday was filled with mixed emotions from students. Some students were upset, including senior Lexie Cunningham who stated, “I’m freezing and I want to go home.” This seemed to be a common complaint heard throughout the day.


However, other students, such as sophomore Devlin Cassidy, enjoyed the power outage. He said, “We sat around and ate candy. The day ended up actually being fun.”


Many teachers worked hard to take advantage of the less than ideal situation to have one on one time with students. By keeping a positive outlook, teachers created a day where most students were able to have fun.


One of these teachers was Emily Haffey, Spanish teacher, who played Spanish games, like UNO, with her class. “I was trying to keep spirits high. We ate candy that I had in my desk and bonded.”


She also kept bored students occupied with odd activities such as untangling mountains of headphones she had in her back closet. Max Guetle, junior, was the one who took on this task. “I was bored and my Macbook wasn’t charged, it took me about an hour and a half. It took a long time but I had nothing better to do.”


Another one of these teachers was Jacob Young, choir instructor, who stated, “I rehearsed a student for an upcoming audition.” This rehearsal, conducted entirely in the dark, turned the day around and accomplished a task that helped a student succeed.


Carol Higgason, German teacher, made the day enjoyable for her students by going on an adventure around the middle school, “We went caroling to a couple of the 8th grade classes where we sang Jingle Bells in German, which was a lot of fun.” Besides caroling, her class also played German hangman to pass the time.


Even though very few classes did anything from their lesson plans, the day still ended up being fun and for some, productive, as teachers worked their hardest to ensure the day’s success.