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Resiliency Poll: How counselors connect with students

    A Photo of the Resiliency Poll sign up paper

    On Nov. 1st, 2023, students of Highlands High School took the resiliency poll, organized by the school’s counselors. 

    The Resiliency Poll is a survey created by the counselors. The survey has students’  answer questions about their school life, home life, and any problems they may encounter.

    Counselor Rachel Stephenson says: “It helps us see how students are doing, and put them in groups with people handling similar situations”

    This year, only students whose parents requested them to take it where required. In prior years, student’s parents only had to reach out in the case of them not wanting to take the poll. A variety of freshmen were interviewed about their experience taking the poll. 

    Freshman Bella Adtkins said: “When I was taking the poll I found it quite boring, but in the future it may help other people.”

    Even though most students think it is boring, it positively impacts the students, by getting them help. Adkins said: “It helps counselors look out for students and their mental health”

    The poll helps in many ways. For example, if a student needs help and is unsure about reaching out directly, the poll gives them a chance to reach out indirectly, and get help.  

    Freshman Emily Kimbrell said: “ The poll was fine, nothing exciting.” 

    The Resiliency poll is a way to help students think about what’s going on in their lives, and get the help they need.

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