The Hilltopper


Editorial Policy and Mission of the Highlands High School Journalism Program 

  • The purpose of the Hilltopper is to communicate to students and the greater Highlands High School community about issues concerning the community’s general welfare.
  • The Highlands High School Hilltopper is an online public forum for Highlands High School as well as for the community members of Fort Thomas.
  • The student media will publish complete and accurate coverage across platforms through journalistically responsible, ethically reported and edited content.
  • Student-determined expression promotes democratic citizenship through public engagement diverse in both ideas and representation.
  • We believe that it is important that the students of Fort Thomas be able to voice their opinion.
  • Since the students were granted a forum of public speech, it will not be restrained by school officials prior to publication or distribution.
  • Advisors may and should discuss content during the writing process.
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