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Cheser leads FTIS district through COVID-19

Superintendent Karen Cheser has led the Fort Thomas Independent School District through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anna McCoy

October 29, 2020

     Sitting in a meeting with five school board members, being watched by a few in-person viewers and 2,000 viewers on YouTube is Dr. Karen Cheser, the Fort Thomas Independent Schools superintendent. She is faced with the task of addressing the district about how she plans to keep education going t...

Girls soccer season ends after a close game against Lexington Catholic

The Highlands High School girls varsity soccer team. 
Photo courtesy of Highlands Girls Soccer Twitter Page (@hhsgirlsscr).

Anna McCoy

October 28, 2020

     After an incredibly successful season, the Highlands High School (HHS) girls varsity soccer team ended their season on October 24 with an unfortunate loss during the KHSAA State Tournament. The game was extremely close and intense, but the girls ultimately lost 0-1 against Lexington Catholic ...

The fight to stay alive: COVID-19’s effect on movie theatres

The Regal Wilder movie theatre's parking lot is empty, save for the cars of a few employees.

Chelsie Cooley, Staff

October 28, 2020

     You’re sitting in a dark room. The faint scent of Coke and buttered popcorn fills your nostrils as you stare at the big blaring white screen ahead of you. You recline your seat back and prop your feet up, sinking into the cushioned, leather seat. The screen changes colors as the movie begins and ...

The return of Highlands wrestling

A wrestling flyer that can be found throughout the halls of Highlands.

Tessa Killen, Head Graphic Design Editor

October 28, 2020

Highlands has always had its core sports: football, soccer, baseball, volleyball, etc. But in past years, the athletic program has added new sports, including ski club and archery. Now, posters are plastered all over the halls of Highlands High School detailing a new chance for student-athletes – an opp...

Disappointment spikes with delay of Homecoming, but FCCLA works to keep spirit up

Students dance at the 2019 Homecoming.

Ellie Wira

October 23, 2020

     Colorful corsages, flowing dresses, smiling pictures, and a night of fun — the typical homecoming evening.       Everyone was looking forward to the homecoming 2020 would bring, but then COVID-19 hit, which changed everything.       Though the pandemic limited big groups of peo...

The economy in ruins: How small businesses have been affected by COVID-19

The economy in ruins: How small businesses have been affected by COVID-19

Natalie Shearman, Staff

October 23, 2020

     It’s an ordinary day in an ordinary town. People walk on the sidewalks and cars roam the streets. Businesses line the streets and there are parks with kids playing on a playground with their parents watching them carefully as well as people having a picnic or taking a walk.      But the...

My experience with COVID-19

Freshman Emma Healey wrote about her first-hand experience with COVID-19.

Emma Healey, Staff

October 22, 2020

     COVID-19: something I selfishly joked about and never thought would happen to me. It started out as something that didn’t really have anything to do with me. It now takes away people’s lives and their loved ones. I never thought at this time last year my life would be like this. Can’t lea...

Fisher’s road to redemption

Junior Zack Fischer plays League of Legends.

Ryan Huber, Staff

October 21, 2020

     When Junior Zack Fisher is in the middle of a game, there is nothing that will stop him from winning. The intensity and pure focus fire up his adrenaline, and once that happens, he always comes out on top. This drive to win makes the E-Sports club very popular to many who not only want to me...

The notification that changed a life — Ad designer laid off in midst of pandemic

Highlands parent and ad designer Paige Downie was laid off due to COVID-19, but overcame her struggle.

Liam Downie

October 20, 2020

     It was just another day working from home when Highlands parent and ad designer Paige Downie received a meeting notification from her boss.       At that moment, he gave Downie the news: “Your hours got cut from 40 hours to 24 hours.”         Downie was going through so many ...

The fight for social justice injects itself into the NBA

NBA player Russell Westbrook with “BLACK LIVES MATTER” on the back side of his jersey replacing his last name. Photo courtesy of Fansided.

Ty Boler

October 19, 2020

     The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida was silent on the night of August 1. The Denver Nuggets were playing the Miami Heat. The arena looked totally different. “Black Lives Matter” was written on the floor, people were distanced with masks on, and messages like “Breonna Taylor,...

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