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A tweet from Barstool Sportsbook.

A controversial loss, questionable officiating: Bengals vs. Chiefs

Nathan Mueller, Staff February 2, 2023

After a devastating loss for the Cincinnati Bengals, many of the calls, or non-calls, made by the officials are being called into question. After the game #NFLRigged was trending on Twitter, memes called...

A harmless plastic fork with a delicate knife edge that totally won’t break.

The dangers of microplastics: Have I reached my daily microplastics intake yet?

Oliver Just, Staff January 6, 2023

What could taste better than some freshly-made waffles? Before it is consumed, a squiggly line of glitter spread is applied onto the fresh array of waffles to make it more visually stunning. Surely, a...

The Album cover of, The Fame Monster, album by lady gaga

The Fame Monster: Rating Lady Gaga’s eight new songs in the album

Treiston Collins, Editor-In-Chief December 15, 2022

With iconic songs from ‘Bad Romance,’ to ‘Telephone,’ this album carries some of Lady Gaga’s most-known songs. Released in 2009 shortly after Gaga’s first album, ‘The Fame,’ the album featured...

A giant statue of Pot-Scraper, the fifth Yule Lad.

The 13 Yule Lads: Icelandic troublemakers from the Holiday season

Ellysa Wira, Hilltopper Editor December 14, 2022

Stockings are hung, the Christmas tree twinkles with lights while cookies and a cold glass of milk sit out on the table. The Elf on The Shelf quietly sits by waiting, not for Santa but for the 13 Yule...

Voices in the hall: How are you preparing for midterm exams?

Voices in the hall: How are you preparing for midterm exams?

Owen Yelton and Peyton Fossett December 14, 2022

With midterm exams creeping up on students and teachers, we decided to find out how they are preparing for their respective classes, and how teachers are preparing their students. (Left) Freshman...

Wednesday Addams at the Nevermore uniform.

A new hit on Netflix: Wednesday

Aleksandra Tysmbal, Staff December 13, 2022

“Wednesday,” is a new American supernatural comedy horror show which has become more popular every day. It was released on November 23rd on Netflix and now is the most popular series on this streaming...

An edited version of the Schoology overdue section.

ADHD: The gift that keeps on giving

Nathan Mueller, Staff December 12, 2022

School is hard for everyone, and the constant stress and piles of work are a lot. However, for some with ADHD, that same pile of work can weigh a lot more than it does for others.  ADHD and intimidating...

A POV (point of view) writing a Christmas list.

What’s on Highlands Christmas List: Students results in survey

Sara Price, Staff December 9, 2022

Waking up on Christmas morning when you’re seven is different from when you’re in high school, it’s not the same when you don’t believe in Santa. The magic of Christmas is gone. It’s less exciting...

Random Internet disconnects are very frustrating, regardless of the occasion.

A unnecessary breakup: Why your home internet stinks

Oliver Just, Staff December 9, 2022

There has been a recent drop in limited-access technology. Because of its widespread popularity through marketing on social media, the product will likely be sold out within 5 minutes. Unfortunately, when...

A man sleeping peacefully. Image provided by Google Images.

Opinion: Why You Should Sleep: The benefits of good sleep

Kiara Raaker, Staff December 7, 2022

If someone took a look at my attendance records, they would see that I am not a fan of waking up early. However, this past week I have been prioritizing my sleep and I feel so much better. I know going...

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