The Hilltopper

The HHS cafeteria where students eat lunch.

HHS opinions over changes and non-changes within school lunches

Olivia Clark-Tipton and Aleksandra Tysmbal September 30, 2022

Highlands High School creates surveys to reveal the student's opinions on important categories such as mental health, lunches, etc. Following up on the topic of HHS school lunches, some students have opinions...

Aster Bredwell sits in an ER hospital bed as their heart races and a nurse takes their pulse.

Growing up with a Broken Heart: My Story with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome

Aster Bredwell, Staff September 27, 2022

A small child sitting in the back of the car, only five years old, and suddenly his heartbeat is uncountable. His mother notices and they rush to the hospital. In a confused daze the sleepy kid asks “Mommy,...

Schoology logo photoshopped in front of the missing icon.

A Lesson in Inverse Consequences: online learning tools

Nathan Mueller, Staff September 27, 2022

Burning the candle at both ends is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as “To work or do other things from early in the morning until late at night and so get very little rest.” The integration...

Cell Phone pockets preventing students from accessing their devices in class

Enforcement of the HHS cellphone policy: Too strict?

Oliver Just, Staff September 26, 2022

In modern society, the use of a mobile phone has become necessary as it provides the user with a convenient way to communicate with the rest of the world from anywhere. According to Pew Research Center,...

The Orcas “entertained” the crowd in July 2022.

A deep dive Into Sea World: The truth

Caroline Thaler and Mya Schwartz September 7, 2022

Splashing in the water, the crowd screaming, the whales whaling.  SeaWorld first opened on March 21, 1964. There are 3 Sea Worlds located in Orlando Florida, San Diego, and San Antonio.  Sea World...

The library is a go-to place for many students who are trying to pursue something specific.

Flying into the Future

Aster Bredwell, Staff September 2, 2022

Applaud ripples through the crowd, parents cry, and caps fly into the air. It is high school graduation. Students anticipate the future, and are filled with a mixture of excitement and worry. Most wonder...

School sign.

Lives lost too soon: Uvalde, Texas school shooting

Nathan Mueller, Staff May 31, 2022

As of May 25, 21 lives have been taken in Uvalde, Texas. Robb Elementary School, a place for learning and development, when walking in, kids would usually be elated and inspired to start their day. However...

Graphic comparing horses and ponies.

The similarities and differences between horses and ponies

Hadley Leftin, Staff May 31, 2022

Horses and ponies have more similarities than differences. People mistake ponies for baby horses, foals, because of their size. Foals and ponies are not the same and have unique purposes in the equine...

The Cincinnati Reds luck: How has it impacted them this season?

The Cincinnati Red’s luck: How has it impacted them this season?

Liam Downie, Staff May 31, 2022

The Cincinnati Reds have no doubt been the worst team with them having a record of (16-31). The Reds got rid of two All-Star players on the team, Jesse Winker and Nicholas Castellanos. Then replaced...

How self-care can help your mind.

My self-care journey: What self-care means to me

Chelsie Cooley, Editor-in-Chief May 31, 2022

When some people think of self-care, they think of the gentrification of this topic: bubble baths, skincare routines, getting your nails done, or a new hairstyle. And yes, self-care can absolutely be this...

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