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The Hilltopper

The student news site of Highlands High School

The Hilltopper

The student news site of Highlands High School

The Hilltopper

Instagram and TikTok logos in a trash can (made by Nathan Mueller)

Breaking Free: How I Feel After 6 Months of No Social Media

Nathan Mueller, Staff May 10, 2023

Social media has taken over modern society. Its algorithmically generated dopamine stream locks the minds of adults and kids alike into a feed of echo chambers, exponentially radicalizing them politically...

A beautiful western landscape, Picture by U.S News And World Report.

Out and About: Most affordable travel destinations this summer

Ella Peabody and Kaitlyn Ryan May 8, 2023

Everyone needs a break by the time summer approaches. Looking forward to sleeping in, staying up, and letting the day pass you by without a deadline or school project to complete.  The escape of summer...

The SB150

Hurting Teenagers: The Senate Bill 150

Mya Schwartz, Staff April 24, 2023

On Wednesday, March 29, 2023, the Kentucky General Assembly acted to override the Democratic gov. Andy Beshear’s Veto of the controversial Senate Bill SB150.  The bill includes banning “gender-affirming”...

A cup of Starbucks coffee with their logo on it.

The rise of Starbucks: Advertising strategy

Oliver Just, Staff April 24, 2023

You have likely seen someone with a cup of coffee with the Starbucks logo on it. Although the coffee seems to be of similar quality to any coffee, it is a popular coffee chain not just in the US, but in...

OPINION: The Dangers and Advantages of Discord

OPINION: The Dangers and Advantages of Discord

Nathan Mueller and Oliver Just April 24, 2023

Classified U.S. documents were recently leaked on the popular chat site, Discord. The user going by, “OG” leaked these documents to approximately 24 people on the private server.  A Discord server...

The Google Drive Logo (source: Wikimedia Commons)

Confidentiality or Convenience: The cloud storage conundrum

Oliver Just and Nathan Mueller April 12, 2023

For many, sending personal data directly to a big tech company such as Google, Meta, Microsoft, etc. is worrisome as incendiary headlines about these companies' data policy and security have dominated...

People in Nashville protest after the school shooting (openDemocracy)

Ruining the world, one shot at a time: School shootings

Jade Sandmann, Feature Copy Editor April 10, 2023

Guns are killing students,  killing adults in the school, and causing trauma to those around the shooting areas. One shot at a time, people are causing those around them to distrust one another.  Just...

A group of children sitting outside happily.

OPINION BRIEF: Congress needs to get their priorities in check

Treiston Collins, Editor-In-Chief March 29, 2023

On March 27th, an unfortunate tragedy struck Nashville, Tennessee at The Covenant School. A 28-year-old fatally shot and killed 6 people. 3 faculty and 3 students lost their lives while attending what...

All Of Those Voices movie poster.

OPINION: All of Those Voices Documentary

Jade Sandmann, Feature Copy Editor March 23, 2023

Former One Direction member, Louis Tomlinson, has spent his years since the boyband’s breakup making music for himself. He has come out with 2 albums and multiple singles in his solo career. Tomlinson...

Traveling Dangers: Do Not Go to Yemen

Oliver Just, Staff March 23, 2023

Yemen is a beautiful country in the middle east, offering tourists a selection of natural wonders and historical landmarks. The vast amount of attractions available to tourists is quite spectacular, to...

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