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Ella Exterkamp

Ella Exterkamp, Staff

Ella Exterkamp participates in not very many things at HHS because she thinks she is above Highschool which may be true. She used to do gymnastics for 15 years but has recently quit but now is teaching gymnastics classes because her mom told her she had to stop sitting at home being lazy. Although she is doubtful anyone will actually read this bio, she is giving a special reward to anyone who has made it this far. The reward is her undying love. She also runs varsity track but slacks off and doesn’t come to practice often for unknown reasons. Ella sings in Chamber choir and is in Tri-M which was forced upon her again, by her mom. There seems to be a trend here with that. Contrary to other people’s attitudes, Ella gives up easily and quits many of her endeavors. Some of those being, soccer, diving, writing, XC, and many others. Really this bio is turning into a hate column about her which actually perfectly describes her personality. Ella likes reading, running, music, Indian food (she really likes Indian food), Star Wars, video games, and ironically dabbing. In conclusion, Ella is an interesting character with no determination and too much attitude. That’s all folks.

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Ella Exterkamp