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Midterm Exams: Stress and Preperation
    Midterm Exams

    The end of the first semester is right around the corner at Highlands High School. Lots of Highlands students are currently preparing for their midterms. 

    Midterms are one of the very stressful times for students everywhere. Students are stressed figuring out how to prepare for study, and just the idea of exams is stressful. 

    While midterm exams are less stressful than final exams, they’re still very stressful. Students want to leave school, especially with a week till winter break. 

    There are so many study styles at Highlands. Some kids like to play Kahoot or Gimkit, while others like to memorize a study guide and write notes down. 

    Students all over Highlands are stressed, especially freshmen. In middle school, exams were not as big of a deal as in high school. 

    Freshman Rose Ewald said: “stressed, worried, but excited for Christmas break.” 

    According to a study by “MentalHelp” in 2016, 31% of students blamed their stress on midterm and final exams. 

    Ewald said: “At the moment, I don’t, but it’s also a little early; by next week, I think I will be.” Students get study guides for every class, some filled out, and some you must fill out yourself. 

    When thinking about the difference between midterm exams and final exams, midterms are easier to get done. Less content are within the midterm exams. 

    Freshman Ava Ann Schilling said: “I think midterms aren’t as much,” 

    Overall, midterm exams are such a big deal, especially for freshmen since they are their first high school exam.

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