Seniors Host “Top of the Cycle” Art Show


        Senior AP Studio Art students Hailey Barnes, Carly Lorenz, and Malayna Carruci will be hosting and partaking in their own art show on Saturday, May 11th from 6-9 P.M. The show will take place at Wavepool Gallery, located at 2430 Colerain Avenue in Cincinnati, OH.

        This idea came to Barnes, Lorenz, and Carruci after attending an NKU/UC student art show in a nearby warehouse.

        Hailey said, “We had a ton of fun and wanted to do the same thing for ourselves so that we could display our work and so that our friends in bands would have an opportunity to play.”

        The show will include Cincinnati student artists who attend a variety of schools in the area, mostly college students, and will include works of all mediums. There will also be live music from 6:30 P.M. until the end of the show from three local bands, Vermont, Creamboy, and M. Lowe.

        Lorenz, whose art is on the poster, said, “I’m excited to be among local artists. I don’t know many of the people participating yet, but getting to know them and their art will be fun.”

        Alongside the three Highlands seniors and several college students in the art show, Highlands junior Ella Barnes will also be displaying her work as the youngest artist involved.

        Ella said, “It’s pretty cool to have my work be even associated with some of these artists, they are all very talented and deserve to have their work shown!”

        To arrange this event, Hailey Barnes reached out to a few of her friends and posted on her “Insta Story” to ask who would be interested in participating. Because so many people wanted to be involved, Barnes had to look for a bigger space. She reached out to Wavepool Gallery, who graciously offered to provide the space for free.

        Hailey said, “I’m so grateful that everyone involved was willing to provide their services for free. It came together really well.”

        They’re hoping for a huge crowd, so be sure to come out to Wavepool Gallery on Saturday, May 11th from 6-9 P.M to support your Highlands artists!