Highxicon- Week 2

Hey everyone! Here’s the second list of words in our Highlands Highxicon. I hope you find them as useful and hilarious as I do!


  1. Flumushed (adjective)- the inability to make any sense or articulate words when talking to your crush

I became so flumushed when I saw my crush in the lunch line that I made a fool of myself.

Flummoxed (bewildered or perplexed) + crush (a person with whom someone is infatuated) = flumushed

Fun Fact: Notice how “mush” has been incorporated into the word as well, because many people who are flumushed turn to mush.


  1. Bestea (noun)- a teacher who works hard to ensure that their class is enjoyable

My bestea decided to postpone our quiz, as no one was confident that they understood the material.

Best (of the most excellent, effective, or desirable type or quality) + teacher (a person who teaches, especially in a school) =Bestea

Fun Fact: Bestea also sounds like “bestie”, because a bestea is a teacher who can also be thought of as a friend to students.


  1. Bird Doo (noun)- any random and gross object that can be found around the school (ex. a smear on a window or food crusted onto a table)

I avoided sitting at one of the cafeteria tables because of the bird doo smeared on top of it.

Bird Doo isn’t necessarily derived from two words. However, our school mascot is a Bluebird, and “doo” can describe something gross or nasty, so I combined the two.


  1. Impersask (verb)- the act of pretending to do homework during focus while actually listening to music, playing a game, or watching a video

My teacher almost caught me impersasking when I didn’t switch from Netflix to Schoology fast enough when she walked by.

Impersonate (pretend to do/be something/someone as entertainment or in order to deceive someone) + task (a piece of work to be done or undertaken) = impersask


  1. Bertastic (adjective)- a word to describe any of the fun new changes that Mr. Bertasso has brought to the school through being principal

The bonfire on Wednesday night was bertastic!

Bertasso (our principal’s last name) + fantastic (extraordinarily good or attractive) = bertastic


Remember, if you want to add any words to the Highxicon, comment them below. You just need to include the definition, part of speech, and where the word came from. Be creative and have fun!