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Tessa Killen
Tessa Killen is a junior at Highlands High School and this is her second year in the Journalism department. She began writing in the 7th grade when introduced to the art of playwriting and directing. She took off with writing several adaptations of classic fairy tales including Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid. Her form of writing shifted from scripts to short stories during her freshman year. She joined the creative writing club to learn new techniques in storytelling. During her sophomore year, she became the Vice President for the creative writing club and joined the journalism staff for the first time. There, she found a love of graphic design within the yearbook. Now, she is the president for the creative writing club and isthe graphic design editor for the yearbook. She is extremely excited to have new responsibilities in the two extracurriculars that she adores! She would like to give a big thank you to past staff member Emrel Woody for encouraging her to take the journalism class and for passing down the Creative Writing Club presidency down to her. Thank you so much, Emrel!

Tessa Killen, Head Graphic Design Editor

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