Dresses on a dime


Bright lights. Loud music. The sound of laughter and chatter mixes in with the rhythm of you and your friend’s favorite song. That’s what Homecoming is all about.


However, sometimes the lead up to an event such as this can be stressful – especially with attaining something to wear. These dresses will be worn once, perhaps twice or three times. Why buy something that could be worth up to 200 dollars? Some dresses are worth even more. Not to fret, there are cheaper alternatives.


These alternatives are based on a person’s budget when shopping for a dress.


One option is The Dillard’s Outlet. Located at the Eastgate Mall in Cincinnati, this store provides an assortment of clothes up to 80% off. It is a branch off of regular Dillard’s store, but it sells all of the clothes that you would find on a clearance rack. The homecoming dresses sold there are last year’s designs, but they range in price from 12 to 35 dollars.


A second option is an online store called PromGirl. This online store sells prom and homecoming dresses. On this site, the user selects her price range and style. From there, the site will showcase a range of dresses that fit her preference. As of right now, Promgirl has 890 dresses available that are under 50 dollars.


The third option covers online and in-store shopping. Kohl’s has a smaller selection of homecoming dresses compared to PromGirl, but you cannot argue with the pricing. Dresses at Kohl’s range from $27 to $128, with plus-sized options as well. Jumpsuits are also available for anyone who doesn’t want to wear a dress to homecoming.


Just like Kohl’s, the fourth option covers online and in-store shopping. JCPenney, like PromGirl, has many filters to choose the perfect dress easily. Short dresses, long dresses, color, dress type, brand, you name it! Most importantly, the price of the dresses fluctuates from $9 to $83.


The last option covered on this list is an online store called Simply Dresses. Simply Dresses is very similar to PromGirl. Once again, the user will be able to filter through desired price points, style, and color. However, Simply Dresses has a smaller selection for dresses under $50. Out of the 1,101 homecoming dresses Simply Dresses offer,  304 of those are under $50.


Don’t let stress ruin your fun night at Homecoming. The perfect dress is waiting for you, and it may be more affordable than you expect.