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Sydney Fessler, Staff

Sydney Fessler is a 9th grade student who attends Highlands High School. When it comes to academics, she is always up for a challenge. As a freshman, she is taking all of the advanced courses which include Algebra II Adv, Pre-AP English, German II, and Physics Adv. Outside of school and academics, she enjoys running, writing, and spending time with her family. Sydney runs track and cross country with Highlands. She also sparks interest in helping people. Once she is an adult, she would like to go to college for Med school to eventually become a pediatric surgeon. The background behind her choice really supports her decision into joining the medical field. When she was born, her mother had a condition called preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is where the body is rejecting the pregnancy. This caused Sydney to be born three months early and to have a birth weight of two pounds with a recovery hospital time of two months. Sydney is very determined to make this happen and follow in the footsteps of the doctors who helped save her and her mother. Speaking of doctors, Sydney has trypanophobia, which is the fear of needles. Sydney has very little fears besides and lives by the motto “YOLO.” 


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Sydney Fessler