Seniors cherish last time on home court


The seniors on the girls basketball team stand together to wrap up the last home game of their high school career.

Friday, February 15 was a big night for Highlands High School girls and boys varsity basketball and seniors participating in winter sports. Seniors from girls basketball, dance, cheer, and swim & diving were all recognized by a packed house.

Both varsity teams beat out Beechwood High School playing amazing last home games. The girls team started off the night with an astounding win of 82 – 34, leaving no chance for Beechwood to pull through.

Girls Varsity player Zoie Barth, senior, explained how this game was significant opposed to previous games.

“This game was representative of all the hard work and dedication my fellow seniors and I have put into basketball.”

After the easy win, senior festivities were able to begin. Seniors entered the gym one by one, being greeted by their coaches and teammates they have become so close too over the past 4 years. The Ozone cheered on the seniors, showing their support for those graduating this summer.

Cheerleader Samantha Shoemaker, senior, felt walking on the court was a sense of accomplishment.

“Walking on the court at senior night made me think about everything I have accomplished … as an athlete and a student. It made realize that all the hard classes I cried about at 2 am were actually worth it and I was almost finished with all of it.”

After the seniors got their chance to show off their accomplishments, the boys varsity basketball team started warming up to finish out the night with another victory.  The boys won in a close game, pulling through with a lead of ten points. An amazing way to finish out an amazing night for the Highlands Bluebirds.

Varsity basketball player Ben Sisson, senior, commented on the support from the community.

“The last home game was incredible. The students, parents, and community showed out for us and it was a great atmosphere.”

The whole community of Fort Thomas and Highlands High School showed their support that night and will continue to show their support for all of our fellow seniors.