Counselor Ann Listernam honored for National Counselors week


Here at HHS, there’s an abundance of counselors that take care of different groups of kids – but all  ultimately have the same goal. Being a counselor is not an easy job, but counselor Ann Listerman does her job well.


Her job entitles her to do many things and gives her a lot of responsibilities. Her duties are working with students on scheduling, helping students through issues they run into. She also  handles other issues like discipline, 504 plans, IEP meetings, and calling students parents.

Mrs. Listerman handles kids with a last name starting with an H through P.  Previously, she has had many experiences with counseling from schools like Campbell County and Holy Cross. This may be her first year at Highlands, but she’s already made an impact on many students and staff. Recently, she met with all grade levels for scheduling.


Freshman Annie Perkins stated, “She has definitely guided me and offered her knowledge to help me decide things for next year.”


Listerman works with assistant principal Jeff Schneider to cover many topics, mostly student-related.


Schneider says, “Working with Mrs. Listerman has been a wonderful experience. With this being her first year at HHS, she definitely brings a fresh perspective. She is so easy to work with and is always looking to make the best of each situation.”


Freshman Helen Halbauer said, “She really helped me choose good classes for me based on my abilities.”


The students and staff here have also made a great impact on her.


When asked about working at Highlands, Listerman replied, “It’s actually been a lot of fun because there is a lot of great energy from students and staff. It’s exciting to come to work every day, it’s fun to be around people who want to succeed and do good.”


Although it was just her first year here at Highlands, Listerman has a bright future working here at Highlands.

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