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Reuniting on Home Turf: Sam Lang returns From Playing on the USMDNT

Sam Lang
Junior Sam Lang warms up before the game with his team.

As the day’s light ends, anticipation fills the air. At one end of the field, a team of dedicated players assembles their faces with a mix of excitement and determination. They lace up their cleats, adjust their uniforms, and exchange encouraging words.

 With every step they take, the field echoes with the promise of the game to come. In this tranquil moment before the first whistle, the team readies themselves to bring their collective skill, teamwork, and heart to the beautiful game that awaits them.

The US Mens Deaf National Soccer Team is a remarkable assembly of exceptionally talented athletes who showcase the power of determination and passion for the beautiful game. Composed of deaf and hard-of-hearing players from diverse backgrounds, this team demonstrates an unwavering commitment to excellence on the soccer field. 

Their synchronized movements and silent communication reveal an extraordinary level of teamwork that transcends auditory limitations.

As they represent the United States internationally, these players inspire others with their resilience and skill, proving that soccer is a universal language that transcends barriers. Their achievements testify to their ability to overcome obstacles and thrive in sports.

Sam Lang, a junior at HHS, graciously returned to Kentucky and our Highlands Bluebirds. He had spent the last 3 weeks training with the USMDNT in Malaysia. 

“The first week was just spent on training, then came the second week we had games every other day,” said Lang. 

He has improved many technical skills throughout his trip. However, training with the team has also brought up more responsibilities. 

Lang said: “We had to be responsible for ourselves the last few days. The last week there basically consisted of improving skills tactically and watching the film, going over every game.”

They had games Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with only 2 recovery days in between. Even with that, they were still training at every given moment. 

The coaches ensured that each and every player had improved themselves and the team. 

“All of the coaches were very supportive and their coaching was unlike anything I had ever seen. It was a great experience to be a part of,” said Lang.

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