HHS wrestling Birds tackle their way through their second season

     Going from a neutral position to taking the opponent down with a single leg sweep, soon pinning them down. Finishing with as many points as possible, and the referee announces a win.

     This is the norm for the Highlands Bluebirds wrestling team on the mat.  

     Last year, according to Assistant Coach Jordan Monroe, the team had an “asterisk” next to it due to COVID-19.

     The team’s current record is 14-10. 

     The Co-ed Varsity team came in second place at Tates Creek Duals on Saturday, November 27 (first program in boys varsity history), and Sophomore Samson Buchanan placed fifth at WCI. 

     Buchanan said, “I was pretty surprised, it was actually off a technicality.”

     The girls wrestling Ladybirds are also off to a great start. The team took 4th place at Knox Central Invitational, which is their first trophy in program history. Along with this, Freshman Abigail Hudson was the champion, Sophomore Emily Heilman placed 2nd, and Schlosser placed 4th.

     “We are doing better than we have ever done,” said Senior Gracie Schlosser. 

     Head Wrestling Coach John Hazeres noticed a big change from last year to this year. 

     “We are much better than last year, tougher, stronger, better conditioned, and more technical.”

     Although the state tournament is approaching, the team is fully ready to succeed. 

     With the program ready for state, the team is ready to grow with one another. 

     Monroe said, “The team has changed immensely. There’s culture, fight, accountability, and most importantly, a family has been created.”

     The team’s next wrestling match will be next Thursday at Walton Verona High School.