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Celebrating Easter around the World

Easter around the world

Easter is known for being a colorful and fun holiday. There are many different ways to celebrate it. Around the world, various traditions and fun activities honor the holiday. 

When Highlands High School students were asked what reminded them of Easter, the most common response was Easter eggs. Easter eggs are used for many things, such as decoration, egg hunts, or decorating.

Easter is celebrated not only here but also in other places!

In Germany, people celebrate by boiling and painting eggs, symbolizing new life. They also have big meals—many people add roast lamb. They serve it with potatoes and salad. 

Norway has some exciting ways to celebrate. They celebrate by doing probably the last thing on your to-do list on Easter, but it is at the top of Norway’s. Easter is stated as “crime time” there. The television channels run crime shows and documentaries.

In Bolivia, Easter is celebrated with a big parade that goes through the streets with palms. The people doing the parade go around and put palms on the ground along the street. They call the day, “Palm Sunday or Doming de Ramos.” It’s a celebration enjoyed throughout Latin America. 

Bermuda is another place that chooses to celebrate. They do so by flying kites made with wood and fabric. This is a fun and colorful way to honor the holiday. 

Here in Fort Thomas, the traditions are mostly the same. Celebrating by going on egg hunts, doing fun crafts, and spending time with friends and family. Some families even create baskets for each other filled with sweet treats and toys. 

Junior Lianne Guttadauro said: “We go to church and hide eggs for the little kids, then we listen to the service after we eat the leftover candy.”  

But that is not the only way to celebrate. Senior Jonathan Schiller said, “We used to hide eggs around my grandparent’s forest every easter, then see who out of my siblings and cousins could find the most.” This is another excellent example of family traditions.

Easter is a holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is celebrated three days after Jesus’s death on Good Friday. Easter began with Ash Wednesday. Since this event is a joy to many, honoring it with bright colors seems the only right thing.

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