“Springing” into new fashion: April styles

Now that April is here, the weather is starting to get warmer and fashion is starting to change once again.

Swapping out thick leggings for ripped jeans, sweatshirts for tank tops, and boots for sneakers, are what spring is all about. All of these items are in style coming into the new blooming season.

With all the different colors and brands available, sneakers and boots are taking over shoe racks of Highlands High School students this spring.

Junior Dash Dugan’s favorite shoes are a pair of boots he owns.

“I love my 90’s Dirk Bikkemberg boots.” 

With shoes comes finding color tones that match an outfit to perfection. Cool tones are very popular colors in the spring season.

As the new season comes up, so do new clothes in stores. Cool tones such as blues, purples, and greens are the most popular colors for spring this year. 

According to Freshman Sydney Simmins, she loves cool tones in the spring.

“I like cool tones more for the spring season.”

Dressing nice for school can be exhausting. While some people dress nice every single day, some don’t ever dress up.

Sophomore Kristen Heilman tells us that some days she dresses on the nicer side.

“I dress nice for school maybe twice a week.”

Jeans are a popular way to slightly dress up casually. Loose versus skinny jeans is a popular debate around the HHS world. Some prefer skinny, some prefer loose.

According to Junior Alyssa Williams, she likes looser jeans better. 

“I prefer mom jeans.”

As it gets warmer students at Highlands Highlands are going to get new clothes for the upcoming spring season. 

There are a lot of options on what to wear depending on each student’s style. 

Spring is a good season to change up your style and get new clothes for the warmer weather coming in. 

Have a fashionable spring, Bluebirds!