Voices in the halls: How do you think you did on the recent ACT?

With the ACT just recently taking place, we asked students to give their thoughts on how it was and how they did on it.

Sophomore Ryan Toole: “It wasn’t bad, but it was my third attempt and I feel like I didn’t do great on it. It was still great to get some more experience.” 

Junior Joel Craft: “After taking it I gotta be 100% honest I think a 36 is very, very predictable. I put the work into where I think a 36 is really attainable.”

Junior Brianna Wise: “I thought it was pretty boring and it took a long time. I honestly really hope the college I go to does not take my ACT.”

Junior Lauren Thomas: “I thought it was fine, it was a little bit difficult, but the time wasn’t too big of an issue for me.”