Voices in the halls: Kanye’s newest album

Tamra Armstrong, Assistant to Editor-in-Chief

As Highlands High School students have different opinions over Kanye’s newest album, “Donda,” we got four students’ opinions.

Freshman Landon Boyd: “I think it was a little bit too overhyped.”

Senior Erica Kruse:  “It [Donda album] was really good, ‘Heaven and Hell’ is a great song.”

Junior Caleb Lindsey:  “Donda was good, I wouldn’t call it great. he has definitely released better. Some of the features he has on the songs especially ‘Hurricane’ and ‘Off the Grid’ are some of my favorite features I’ve heard this year.”

 Senior Jack Schneider: “Initially I did not like it that much but, the more I listened to it the more it grew on me.”