OPINION: Sphire is going to be a game changer for Highlands Football


Ty Boler

Ty Boler, Staff

     When the email that the Highlands High School football coaching spot had finally been filled, everyone was excited to see who the new coach was. There was even more excitement when it was said the new coach was Bob Sphire. 

     When that piece of information was released, everyone raced to do their research. They wanted to see if he was the right guy for the job. Computer keyboards were on fire, and the loading screen felt like an eternity. 

     Sphire immediately struck me as a good choice, especially with all of his past accolades and his years with other teams. His past positions included being 2012-2014 Army All-American Game Assistant Coach with his career record being 305 wins to 106 losses. It was also revealed that Highlands High School’s very own athletic director Wes Calldwell was coached by Sphire in high school. 

     Outside of his accolades, I believe Sphire will be a great coach for a few reasons. So far, I’ve liked how he is trying to build a relationship with the team. Even with the difficulties that come with  moving nine hours (from Georgia to here),  he has still managed to send emails about how he is trying to change the program and become a winning organization.

     Sphire has talked a lot about what it takes to be a championship-winning player and team. He has already given advice about hydration and nutrition to maximize performance on and off the field.

     In one of his emails, Sphire said, “My hope is that when you walk in the Fieldhouse we have some pre-workout breakfast bar or other source of nutrition that is primarily carb and/or protein-based. Other items will be available during the workout should you feel that your energy is fading because you have poorly prepared your body nutritionally for your workout.” 

     Sphire has a great mindset coming in. His number one priority is to be the top team in Kentucky. 

     My feelings are high about Coach Sphire. I finally got to meet him in person on Monday, March 1, 2021 for the first team workout. He followed up on everything he said he was going to do in the emails, making everything a reality for us. Sphire has a great long-term idea of what the season and workouts need to be to bring Highlands back to championship-winning level. 

     The Highlands football team is excited as a team to have Bob Sphire as a coach and the people alongside him to make us a championship winning team for the seasons to come soon.