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Gwen Culyer, Staff

Gwendolyn Culyer is a senior here at Highlands High School and has been in the district since Elementary School. Her passion for writing has continued to sprout over the years. She has gained appreciation for writing as it permitted her to express who she is, the way she wants to and not how other people direct her to. She has been able to allow herself the ability to pave aroad for self-discovery, and also constructed that road through a craft of her making. Without fear of retribution, she is able to share her ideas with the click of a keyboard and even the grip ofher pencil. To her, it could either be a never-ending essay or a one-hundred-word piece, and she knows, that for a fact, that she will love every second of it. Throughout the years her love for writing have yet to dwindle and has continued to impact the way she thinks and acts as a person. While although word limits may be a struggle for her as she has the tendency to “fluff,” with practice, she is able to progress into a better writer and understand what is needed as well as what is not.


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Gwen Culyer