Fun things to do at Fort Thomas Beach

As the weekend nears and flights take off, many families decide between two things, to either go on a trip or stay at home. For a good majority of Fort Thomas, it’s off to Siesta! But, for the other half, it’s the Fort Thomas beach. For those of you who do decide to stay home, don’t fret…as there are many things to do that won’t cost you so much as $10.

Here are some fun things you could do during the break. Some include spending money while others don’t.

1.) Have a Movie Marathon or Binge Watch A Show

Having a movie marathon is fun to do, as speaking from experience. If all your friends are in town, have a huge movie marathon at one of your houses with a bunch of snacks. Pick a movie franchise such as Disney or Marvel and come together to watch any of the movies you all agree upon. Or you could go on Netflix or Hulu and watch whatever something on there. Being with your friends to have that bonding experience will be something you will all remember.

2.) Visit a Local Restaurant

We have plenty of local businesses in Fort Thomas that you could support such as Fort Thomas Ice Cream, Fort Thomas Coffee, Midway Cafe, New Garden, and Grassroots and Vine. If you are into trying new food, go visit Findlay Market where vendors sell fresh produce and other local foods. Any of those places are perfect for hanging out with your friends, or you could go by yourself to just enjoy some nice food and relax. But more importantly, you’ll be supporting a local business. 

3.) Go Bowling

Bowling is fun when you are with all of your friends. Whether you like going late night bowling or going during the afternoon if you call any of the local bowling alleys open bowling might just be waiting for you. Some of the local bowling alleys include La Ru Lanes, Super Bowl Bellewood, and Walt’s Center Lanes.

4.) Bake Treats

Have ingredients for cookies just laying around the house? Bake some treats while watching a baking show and pretend you’re famous and on the show as the main star. It sounds silly, but being silly is how you have fun. Give all the baked goods you made to your friends and family or just eat them yourself. You could also prank your friends and make your goodies taste bad by putting an extra pinch of salt or secretly putting mustard in the treat. It all just depends on your personality.

5.) Go Rollerskating

In Alexandria, there’s a skating rink called Reca Roller Rink. If you can catch them while they’re open, go with a couple of friends to skate for an hour or two. Even if you hold onto the rail the whole time, roller skating is guaranteed to bring some fun. You could race your friends too, but just remember to be careful and don’t hurt yourself.

6.)  Take a Bath

Sometimes taking a bath is needed as a form of self-care. Bubble baths or putting a bath bomb inside the tub is exciting, but you don’t really need those things to relax. Take some time to read a book, or and watch a show/movie on your phone. Electronic devices around water can be dangerous, but just make sure it doesn’t touch the water or you could put your device in a plastic Tupperware to make it waterproof.  

7.) Go Shopping

Are you going to prom? If you still haven’t picked out a dress, go out with a few friends and just go shopping for one. You could go to Florence Mall and look around in some of the stores there. With prom right around the corner, getting a dress with your friends and having them help can be loads of fun.

8.) Camp Out

You don’t need the Red River Gorge to go camping. Take a tent and all the camping supplies you need and camp out in your backyard with your friends. This includes a bunch of activities such as roasting marshmallows, playing card games, and telling scary stories. Don’t forget the bug spray! If being outside isn’t really your thing, just have a regular sleepover inside.

9.) Read a Book or Two

Reading may not be your thing, but if it is then school was probably holding you back from reading all those new releases. Take the time to have a reading marathon filled with tea and healthy snacks such as diced cucumbers and baby carrots and have a 24-hour readathon. You’ll be surprised how much you can read in a day if you stay focused.  

10.) Explore Cincinnati

If you are feeling artsy, try going up to the Contemporary Art Center where admission is free. There you can interact with the art and take pictures among the different pieces. However, if it’s a day where the sun is shining and the temperature is just too good to pass up, take a picnic to Ault or Eden Park. Both have beautiful sights and great hiking trails. Other things, such as Union Terminal where they show movies in their new OMNIMAX, or the Krohn Conservatory Botanical Garden where they display their Butterfly shows, are all great ways in which you can spend your time off. Admissions are low and the memories are priceless!

All in all, there are many things you can do this break than rather sitting in all day watching TV and munching on some chips. Go out and enjoy your break! Explore what you might not have gotten the chance to yet, like the new Ferris Wheel downtown or catch the new movies that are coming out before anyone else.

Although this list doesn’t include all the things you can do, these are still 10 options for Spring Break fun. Hopefully, you do one or more of these activities during your break to have the maximum amount of fun before school rolls back around. You won’t regret making those memories.