Co-Ed cheerleaders cheer on to state

It was a great day for cheerleading on Saturday.


The Co-Ed Cheerleading squad qualified for State early last Saturday morning.

While the all-girls team did not qualify for state, Mrs. Beier said, “Both teams improved immensely, the all girls team increasing their score by 25 points.”


Both squads felt the loss of a few key members of their team due to injury and up until the very last second, we’re still working around their positions, but as Candice Dillion stated, “With only two practices we still scored high enough to make it to state.”


State is on December 8th and members of the Co-Ed team are looking forward to their chance to prove themselves.


David Herfel, junior, stated, “We know we can do better, we’re looking forward to UCA regionals this weekend and making our way to nationals.”


The Co-ed Varsity cheer team is looking to make big waves at nationals this year, hoping to continue to be a top finisher at Nationals in Disney, like last year  


Overall, the Cheer team took home a win last weekend.