How can teens mentally prepare: helping for the ACT


Teens helping the mind

Anxiety can’t help itself but fit its way through a student’s mind. Students could find themselves being the most anxious during testing days. Wether it’s a math test or standardized tests, stress and anxiety fit into student’s minds. These times can make things like testing times hard for certain students. At HHS, our counselors try to make sure students aren’t stressed during testing. This can lead to having many students nervous during testing days and can cause the ACT to have a bad reputation with bad scores.

There are many different things that can contribute to preparing for a test or quiz for a regular school day. But the ACT can be looked at differently.

Having good time management skills can impact your scores each year. 

Not only can time management help with raising academic scores, it can also help with your ability to schedule, which can be equally as important and beneficial. It can be important to remember that exams are a part of the learning process and as a student, that’s not the only thing you’re being judged on.  

Counselor Erica Thomas says, “I think finding an old question on the ACT website can be a great way to go through and focus on the areas you’re struggling with. Try to focus on not spending too much time on past accomplishments and successes.”  

Keeping focus and repetitive problem-solving can really help you in places you struggle. Remember that being a student consists of being ready, but struggling and needing extra help is always one step away from being a newly mastered skill. Being a student still means planning and scheduling can be changed to best fit your schedule, to make sure students are comfortable.