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Primary Election Ballot Is Prepared

Times Magazine
A voting sticker for election.

When it comes to elections, primary ballots are crucial. They’re where voters pick their favorite candidates from each party. In Kentucky, the primary ballot is happening on May 21, 2024. This ballot could really impact Kentucky’s future—it might even decide which way the state leans politically.

As the May 21 primary ballot gets closer, both students and seniors are excited about what’s going to happen. Senior Frances Eckerle said: “I can’t wait to see what happens.” 

Meanwhile, Senior Jude Eckerle thinks it’s super important to teach high schoolers and middle schoolers about government. He said: “It’s vital, no doubt about it. Students should want to know what’s happening in their government.” Their words tell us that everyone, no matter how old they are, should want to know about and get involved in politics to make our democracy strong.

Principal John Darnell is passionate about teaching High schoolers the ins and outs of voting and elections. 

When asked about the big impact of elections, Darnell highlighted how the U.S. stands out with its two-party system. He explained: “In other countries, they have tons of parties, but here, it’s mostly two big ones.” 

According to Darnell, who gets elected can really shake things up, depending on what each party wants. He believes that most political scientists would agree on this based on their studies of party plans. 

Darnell is all about getting students excited early on about stuff like primary ballots. At Highlands High School, he loves how they dive into teaching government and voting. He says it’s all about setting students up to be awesome citizens for life. Learning about primary ballots from the get-go fires students up to make a real impact in their communities and across the country!

Let’s dive into the 2024 primary ballot for Kentucky, which is happening on May 21. This important event is where Kentuckians get to choose their favorite candidates from their political party. Picture it like a big gathering where voters come together to make their voices heard. It’s held all across Kentucky, from bustling cities to quiet towns; in places like schools, community centers, and even local government buildings. 

At the primary ballot, voters cast their votes for who they want to represent their party in the big election showdown. It’s like the starting line for the race toward making big decisions for the state and the nation!

The Kentucky primary ballot has everyone talking, thinking it could make or break the state’s future. 

Principal John Darnell explained: “In the US, we mostly have two big parties.” He pointed out how this is different from countries with lots of parties. He hinted that depending on who wins, Kentucky could see some big changes. People are watching closely, knowing that the results could steer Kentucky in a whole new direction. It’s a big moment where the choices on the ballot could shape what happens next for Kentucky.

As we count down to the Kentucky primary ballot on May 21, tension is in the air! This isn’t just any voting day—it’s a chance for Kentuckians to make their voices heard loud and clear. Could this election be a game-changer for the state?  With all eyes on Kentucky, every vote becomes a piece of the puzzle that shapes its future. It’s like the ultimate showdown where the fate of the Bluegrass State hangs in the balance. So, mark your calendars and get ready to be a part of history!

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