Haffey reflects on receiving Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

     Highlands High School Spanish teacher Emily Haffey was one of the first Fort Thomas Independent Schools employees to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

     She received the first dose on Sunday, January 17 and the second on Sunday, February 7. 

      After she had received her second dose, she said, “I feel great!” 

     She claimed to have no pain or symptoms after her second dose, and was just a little sore while trying to sleep.

     “I didn’t sleep very well because my arm was sore, probably from not moving it while I was asleep,” said Haffey. 

      Even though she had heard rumors of the vaccine causing major sickness, and a very sore arm, she said she was happy to finally be vaccinated.

     “I decided to take a step back from reading all of the vaccine horror stories on social media and let my body do what it needed to do once the vaccine was administered,” said Haffey when asked about her thoughts on the rumors of the second dose. 

      Though she didn’t experience anything unusual, she still was a little nervous going in, but she ended up having no side effects and is now thankful to be vaccinated.