Update: Fort Thomas Coffee makes move to One Highland


(Courtesy of Piper Carmack and Christine Smalley)

Here is the before and after of Fort Thomas Coffee.

Last year in April, local coffee shop Fort Thomas Coffee announced that they would be moving locations from Fort Thomas Avenue to One Highland. 

As the moving date approaches closer, it has been a busy time for the business. 

The process has been great! Lots and lots of planning, [such as] design planning, financial planning, and business planning [which] has kept us busy this last year. Now it’s time for action,” said Fort Thomas Coffee owner Christine Smalley. 

Fort Thomas Coffee has always had a homey feel to it that will transfer into the new location. The community, workers, and planners have done an incredible job making this vision a reality.

Smalley said, “The process has gone very well thanks to a community of people who have been part of this process. We are grateful to be connected to many experts in their field that have counseled us throughout the process.”

New items have been added to the menu, now they have a large and diverse variety of food and drinks whereas before it was more limited. While some of the new menu items have been revealed such as donuts and other pastries, they are keeping the rest of it hidden for the public to find out when it opens or closer to opening day. The new and full menu will be complete in February. 

“I am very excited about the new change and looking forward to the new location! I am so excited for the new menu changes because I love their coffee and I am looking forward to trying them,” said longtime Fort Thomas Coffee customer Freshman Abi Pate. 

Smalley and the community of Fort Thomas are very excited about the new location. After all the hard work that has been put into the process will finally be put on display. The move and changes will be complete in early 2022 and the opening date is in April.