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Ryan Huber, Staff

Ryan Huber is a Junior who is taking his first year of Journalism. This is his very first experience writing articles and working on layouts for spreads. He has always wanted to explore writing and understand how to really hook a reader into stories. This worked out perfectly, because he still needed an arts credit before graduating in two years, and Journalism was an open class for him to take. When he was in elementary school and early middle school, he always felt like he did a good job of putting words onto paper. One after another, each year up until his 8th grade English class, he finally realized that he really liked writing. This realization occurred when he was writing a story that was supposed to be three pages but ended up being 16 pages. As much as Ryan loves writing, he does not know very much about the photography side of journalism. This will take him time to fully understand all the parts of the camera, and how to get the most effective photos. Outside or school, Ryan hangs out with his friends playing a lot of video games. When he is not at school or playing games, he is at his job. He is a busy guy doing whatever he can to get the job done.

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Ryan Huber