‘Cake Fo’ Breakfast’ Launches first podcast episodes: Cake Eaters Edition

Peyton Fossett and Owen Yelton

As students at Highlands High School, students are often told to think outside the box, taught to go above and beyond. Two extremely creative students in the HHS Publications and Mass Media course took their opportunity starting from the beginning of the year. Juniors Peyton Fossett and Sophomore Owen Yelton decided to create a Podcast as opposed to writing articles, taking pictures, or getting into graphic design. 

The Podcast is called Cake Fo’ Breakfast and features weekly updates on Highlands High School games, college sports, and even NFL updates. Peyton and Owen themselves were very interested in sports-related content because of both of their long histories with sports. Faucet plays football and Yelton plays basketball and soccer. The collective knowledge of the two inspired them to create their own Podcast. 

The two chose to cover multiple platforms and different levels of sports to “insert depth, variety, and diversity into the Podcast,” Fossett and Yelton stated. 

Over the weekend, the boys spend their time watching the games and preparing a small list/script of the games or highlights they want to cover in the next week’s episode, surprisingly, although they have a script the majority of their content is improv. The boys find it easier to just create natural conversation and just talk about the game just like they would in their own time. 

Fossett and Yelton also decided to have a featured special guest in every one of their episodes to create a connection back to the town and spark interest in possible subscribers. They choose their featured guest based on the highlights of the basketball games andcould even see some of the soccer players being featured soon. 

Recording one episode takes Yelton and Fossett about one week. Once they’re done, recording they have approximately 30 minutes of footage. They spend about one-day editing and are left with a 20-minute episode. They also have a partnership with videographer and photographer Junior Will Todd, also known as Wills Vision, who is infamous for his sports photography and videography over the last year. 

Todd stated, “I am extremely excited for the opportunity to be working with them, I’ve never been involved in something like this before and I think they have a lot of potential.”