Covington Catholic vs Highlands, who’s it going to be?: Repeated Cov. Cath losses

The Highlands High School Football Program has a reputation for winning. However, every year since 2016, when it comes time to go up against Covington Catholic High School’s program, despite our efforts, Highlands can’t seem to win a game. 

In March 2021, the football program was introduced to a new coach in hopes of saving the team’s reputation. Coach Bob Sphire moved to Fort Thomas, Kentucky from Georgia to coach the football team. He has made many changes and improvements in the day-to-day routine of the players. 

Since Sphires’ arrival, he has started working out with the team collectively, as opposed to the team working out on their own. This has caused the players to get bigger and stronger. The team has collectively gained a whopping 1462.6 lbs. With the physical changes to the players, some have high hopes of getting back on our winning streak. 

Sphire stated, “Well the thing I’ve seen improvement in the most is a buy-in into the year-long process, especially in the weight room, which really gives them a chance to improve”.

There are many different conspiracies as to why Highlands all of a sudden lost its legacy of success, such as graduated seniors leaving, new state laws, as far as practice is concerned, or even Covington Catholic recruiting players.

Number 15, Outside Linebacker, Junior Dalton Roller expressed, “In previous years I think CovCath had some good talent coming through, but this year we will beat them”.

As well as, number 24, Outside Linebacker, Senior Aiden Nevels stated, “We just need to capitalize on our opportunities and make the most of what they give us and what we have. I just see them as any other team, they aren’t anything special.”

The team’s records since 2016 are as follows:

As you can see, every year since 2016, Covington Catholic’s team has had a better record than Highlands. This raises the question of whether the team will have a better record than them this year or even win a game against them. 

Sphire expressed, “You know you’re always nervous for the kids in terms of your desire for them to be successful, there’s a difference between having angst over the desire for their work to be rewarded. I’m not nervous about playing anybody, I’m anxious about the work showing up for the kids to be rewarded and you just need to trust that the process will reap what we sow.”