Off to a great start: Co-ed Bowling Birds dominate Brossart High School

      The bowling team kicked off their year great in the first two matches. The second match, however, exceeded all expectations. The team ended up scoring against Brossart High School 4-3. It was a tight match but the team pulled through. Senior Kurrin Frank rolled a 195, followed by Senior Macy Hedenberg with a 187!/ 

     “I think we competed pretty good, we worked really hard in the pre-season, in the end, we were just a better team than they were,” said Junior Tyler Layman.

     The team has been working super hard and having practices to work on their form and basics. Art Teacher and Bowling Coach Andrew Eckerle has been encouraging students to join the Highlands High School bowling team for a whole, now that they have a considerable amount of members the school is really starting to see their hard work pay off. It is still encouraging to see the team bond and encourage one another for the greater good of the school.

     “We’ve won all of our games so far, we really need to work/focus on Baker games,” said Junior Jake Venneman. 

     The team is still being promoted and we would love to see more members entering the program. For middle schoolers entering High School, bowling could be a super supporting environment and a new sport and hobby to pick up for the upcoming years. Even high schools looking to pick up an additional extracurricular activity, bowling could be the sport for them. 

     “The team is super beginner friendly because Mr. Eckerle really takes you through the steps, even if you aren’t a beginner he walks you through the basics like you are,” said Layman. 

     The team would love to see new beginners joining the rest of them or even experienced bowlers. The coaches try to start the learning process over and re-teach kids the proper form of spins, and how to walk up, and even bowl. They pay super close attention to detail and it has affected new and returning bowlers. Leyman adds. 

     “Listen to advice, take it, and be coachable.”