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The student news site of Highlands High School

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The student news site of Highlands High School

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Life After Hours: What students are up to

Freshman Taylor Short working on both parts of her life here at Highlands. Working on an assignment and performing in the halftime show for the HHS marching band.

The student experience at Highlands is widely known, with familiar knowledge of the typical activities students engage in. However, do we truly understand the unique lives of each individual student after school hours? By singling out a handful of students from each grade, we discovered that student interests vary from one grade to another as well as person to person. 

Sophomore Abrue Cleeves said: “I always try to get my work done on time. By like when I get home I usually kind of take a break from school, and I’ll do my work later in the day.” 

This was far different when what Freshmen Aiden Darnell said: “Typically when I go home I end up doing a lot of school work, but like most of the time it gets a little stressful because I don’t have time to do things I want to do.” 

Typical after-school hangout spots for students include Fort Thomas Coffee, Subway, and Tower Park. Some students also choose to remain at school for club activities, sports, or simply to socialize with friends. Many students head straight home to indulge in their preferred activities, with popular choices including video games, television, napping, and more.

As students at Highlands High School advance in their studies, their classes get tougher, causing stress. It’s important to know how students cope with this stress and find ways to relax. Common ways to de-stress include listening to music and playing video games, as senior Ava Richardson mentioned: “Probably play video games or listen to music” when asked about her coping methods. Some students prefer to take naps as a way to pass the time and alleviate stress. Echoing the sentiments of junior Dolton Howard, who stated, “I enjoy napping; I feel better after waking up.”

Our cherished seniors are on the brink of the end of their high school careers and eagerly anticipating their journey into college. However, college is a substantial financial commitment. Many students at Highlands High School are putting in significant effort to cover their tuition expenses, while others are dedicating long hours to their studies in pursuit of scholarships. Shedding light on the financial strategies and current life situations of a select group of senior students as they prepare for college, it’s very clear that every single one has a different plan.

The students at Highlands lead parallel yet distinct lives, each individual navigating their own unique path. Delving into these divergent journeys holds significant importance. Particularly for our esteemed class of 2024.

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