Top ten things I learned during my freshman year of high school

Top ten things I learned during my freshman year of high school

     In high school, there are a lot of things that are different than in middle school. In middle school, you are mostly confined in a room for most of the day, whereas in high school you tend to have more freedom. Having recess in middle school was a plus, which I miss, and many other people, who have recently transitioned into high school, do too.

     Here is what I learned during my freshman year: 

     You get a lot of freedom. This doesn’t mean you can just roam around the school all you want but if you take certain classes you can walk around the school while doing your work.

     High school is not as difficult as it may seem.  While I was in middle school and elementary school, I thought high school was going to be one of the most challenging things ever. I soon found out it was wrong, that if you follow directions and ask questions when you’re stuck it makes school way less challenging.

     Homework is a huge priority. If you slack on your homework, it will lead to bad grades. Homework tends to be easier than expected, and most teachers give you time in class to get it done.

     I learned not to overstudy on tests. If you overstudy, you may get overwhelmed which can potentially lead to a bad grade.  Paying attention during class and taking notes when you are told to, is your best study tool. 

     Teachers are very helpful. When I don’t know or am confused about something, I ask the teacher for help. When I do this, they usually re-read the question to me, this is usually all I need.

     Music helps a lot. Many teachers may allow you to listen to music while you are working on assignments. Music sometimes even helps to just block distracting noises which can allow you to focus on your schoolwork. 

     Study skills are one of the best classes to take freshman year. You get help and do your homework and other assignments. 

     Applied algebra class is really helpful for those who may struggle with math.  

     Not having recess tends to be a problem most days.  After lunch in middle school, we could get all of our energy out but now we aren’t able to do that so towards the end of the day I’m really hyper.

      If a teacher gives you the chance to make something up, such as a test, homework, or extra credit, do it. It may seem like it won’t do anything for your grade but a little goes a long way.

Knowing these important things about life as a high schooler, I can go into my sophomore year with a new insight making my high school experience easier and more efficient.