Last Week of School Insights; Plans for Summer


Olivia Clark-Tipton

Where the interviewees made it happen.

June 1st is the last day of the 2022-2023 school year! Wrapping up this last quarter there are many different perspectives and things need to be done for all grades. 

Senior Emily Schaub states, “The last week has been really exciting and I’m really happy that we get to leave and go to college soon.”

To elaborate, Senior week is filled with activities such as pj day, dressing as you would in elementary school, and a visit to the Elementary schools for seniors to go back down memory lane. 

Exams for each grade vary within the classes you take as well as of course the grade you are in. Most AP exams occur at the beginning of May while regular course exams occur on the last 3 days of school. 

Freshman Colton Bailey states, “There has been a lot of preparing for exams this last week.” 

Sophomore Adam Forton states, “This week has been pretty chill. I had AP testing last week which makes it easier now.” 

Freshman Chloe Crisler states, “I think this year was really fun, a great start to high school, and I had a good experience.” 

High school is full of experiences, opportunities, and mind-changing activities. 

Lastly, Junior Chloe Guy states, “This year was definitely a little bit dreadful because you don’t have anything to look forward to besides senior year. It also went slow, but other than that it was pretty good,”