Closer to the stars: Elon Musk’s attempt at launching “Starship”


The Starship rocket.

Several days ago Elon Musk’s SpaceX tried to launch its Starship rocket from Boca Chica, Texas. It is 120 meters tall and will be fully reusable and able to transport up to 100 passengers once in operation. Now, Starship is considered the most powerful rocket in the world. However, there was a problem with sealing on the takeoff. So, the launch was canceled 10 seconds before the launch. 

The development of the rocket, of course, was not easy. It was extremely difficult, with scrubbed launches and failed landings. One in 2020 saw a smaller, prototype Starship engulfed in flames. This is the first test of both rocket stages together.

Just a few months after NASA introduced the world to the most powerful rocket ever flown to orbit, Elon Musk’s SpaceX is prepared to set off its own creation — which could pack nearly twice the power of anything flown before.

“I guess I’d like to just set expectations low,” SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said during a Twitter “Spaces” event for his subscribers Sunday evening. “If we get far enough away from the launch pad before something goes wrong, then I think I would consider that to be a success. Just don’t blow up the pad.”

The inaugural flight test is not attended to complete a full orbit around Earth. If successful, however, it will travel about 150 miles above Earth’s surface, well into altitudes deemed to be outer space. There will be lots of attempts to launch the “Starship” in several days, and hopefully, they will have more luck and less problems. Musk has even added that his sole purpose for founding SpaceX was to develop a vehicle like Starship that could establish a human settlement on Mars.

Watch the live stream of the launch here.