Voices in the Halls: Teachers share their plans for Halloween

Here at HHS, we dress up in our costumes on Halloween. You pay $2 to participate and send your support to FCCLA to raise awareness and money for the Rae of Sunshine Organization. 

Bring your best shot in those costumes. HHS is looking for the best dressed!

Biology teacher Yang Wen said, “I plan on trick-or-treating with my daughter and son. He is going to be the Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride. She is going to be Chungha from Chinese mythology. I will probably dress up in a onesie. I’m feeling animal, we will have to see.” 

Music teacher Beth Rowland said, “Taking my kids trick-or-treating. I am not dressing up, I’m so lame.” 

Officer Zac Rolhfer said, “To take my kids trick-or-treating. I won’t dress up, I’ll walk along with them, but they are dressing up as I want to say 1 is a pilot and 1 is dressing up as a frontiersman.”

English teacher Jennifer Nash said, “We are going to my parent’s house and trick-or-treating with my boys and their cousins. I’m going to be a skeleton.” 

History teacher Zachary Borgman said, “We will be taking my daughter who’s 4 months old, and walking her first pumpkin park located at Tower Park for the first time. I am dressing up as Zach Alfinox from the Hangover and my baby will be baby Carlos.” 

Math teacher Stacey Behrensmeyer said, “To pass out candy to trick-or-treaters. I don’t dress up, Halloween scares me.”