Dodging darts: The start of Dart Wars


(Courtesy of Flickr)

These are many examples of Nerf Guns that may be used.

Checking outside from windows, making sure the competition isn’t waiting. After looking outside, making a run for the car. While running, hearing and seeing bullets coming at them from all directions. Hopping in the car and driving off to school, waiting to get out until 15 minutes leave period starts. 

This is the Dart Wars experience. 

Dart Wars is a friendly Nerf Wars fight between teams of 3-5 people. Each week, 2 teams face-off, and whoever has the most players left by the end of the week advances. 

“Dart Wars is a big Nerf War competition between Junior and Senior teams of up to 3-5 people and whoever wins gets a portion of the money donated in the beginning,” said Senior Anna Greenwell.

Dart Wars has been going on for several years and is a tradition and competition between juniors and seniors. Despite prior incidents, it has continued. With these incidents, there have been new rules introduced to prevent accidents. 

Family and Consumer Science Teacher Marlee Barton participated in Dart Wars when she was a senior in 2010-2011. 

“It wasn’t as dangerous back then as it is now. There wasn’t a lot of driving around in cars, it was more like walking around town,” said Barton.

There are rules in place to keep the players safe and out of trouble. According to the Dart Wars Instagram page, @hhsdartwars2022, some of these rules are:

  • Be smart, Be honest, it’s just a game.
  • Participants are playing at their own risk, Dart Wars is not responsible for which a player violates the law. 
  • All disputes should be handled by teams before contacting the commissioner. If an agreement cannot be reached reach out to the commissioner for a final decision. 
  • Harassment, trespassing, and other forms of crimes are not allowed.
  • In the case, you are in a moving vehicle you are not permitted to shoot out of it at any time.
  • No weapons or darts on school property at any time.
  • Nerf guns or similar brands only.
  • Regular darts are only permitted (no balls, discs, or mega darts).
  • No shooting cannot take place within churches, places of business. Etc.
  • Club sports will not be granted an immunity period therefore they are fair game as long as you do not interrupt their practice, High School sports fall under immunity as do the play and other activities.
  • Players cannot fire a gun nor be shot while in the safe zone.

Two very important rules are about the “safe zones” and leave period. “Safe zones” are any places of business, such as churches, restaurants, etc. “Leave periods” are periods where you cannot be eliminated. These periods take place 15 minutes before school at 7:45 (6:45 for early bird), after school at 3:15, and during school events and school-related activities. 

Students not participating in Dart Wars can act as shields or decoys to distract the other teams in order to help their friends. 

“When Emma gets out of the car I get out and put my arms out and shield her. And when she tries to shoot someone I record her so she can submit it,” said Freshman Lyla Bottom about Junior Emma Daly. 

Dart Wars is also a way to bring the Junior and Senior classes together in a fun, competitive manner. 

“Dart Wars has made me become even closer with my Junior friends and it’s a cool way to bring us together even more,” said Greenwell.