(PHOTO GALLERY): Girls Tennis Ladybirds hit for greatness

Hearing shoes squeak against the bright green courts. You look around to see rackets swinging against the crashing wind as the bright afternoon sun hits against your back. 

Tennis season has arrived and the Highlands High School girls tennis team has been preparing and practicing with everything they have in them to make this season one of the best. 

“I’m hoping the upcoming season will be better than last year because last year was hard because we couldn’t play a lot. I only got to play a few games,” said Sophomore Stella Halbauer. 

The Highlands High School tennis season begins at the start of spring (March) and ends at the beginning of summer. Even though their season has just started, the girls still trained hard during the off-season.

“We practice backhand and forehand, serving a lot because serving is specific. You have to hit it in a certain spot every time or else it doesn’t count,” said Freshman Audrey Arentsen. 

When the girls have home matches they are held at Tower Park in Fort Thomas. Tournaments are usually held on different courts.

Junior Megan Calme has high hopes for the season and her team, along with one of her fellow teammates Junior Kate Carris. 

“I think Kate Carris has come a long way since last season and is still improving a lot.”

According to Arensten, she has improved a lot from last season. 

“I think I have improved a lot because I started like a little bit ago and I didn’t know what I was doing, and now I’m pretty good.”

All of the girls have improved, and are getting ready for the tennis season. They can’t wait until more and more matches and tournaments start to pop up. 

The girls’ next game will be tonight, March 17, at 3:45 in Tower Park.