Voices in the halls: Drake’s newest album

Haley Barth, Staff

As Highlands High School students have different opinions over Drake’s newest album, “Certified Lover Boy,” we got four students’ opinions.


Sophomore Lucas Tinkler: “I think the album was horrible. Would never listen to it again. My favorite song on the album, if I had to pick, would be Champagne Poetry.”

Junior Brynn Seither: “It’s really good if you had to ask me Drake or Kanye, Drake. My favorite song would be N 2 Deep.”

Freshman Riley Tolle: “I think the album was okay, it wasn’t his best album though. My favorite song is Way 2 Sexy because I’ve heard it on TikTok and the dance.”

Sophomore Olivia Clark-Tipton: “I think the album is really good and better than some albums coming out. My favorite is Race My Mind because I like the beat and the lyrics.”