New teacher Sam Volphenhein enters HHS


Grayson Thomas

First year Highlands math teacher Sam Volpenhein.

Grayson Thomas, Yearbook Editor

With the change in the world, new teachers are difficult to come by. However,  Samuel Volpenhien stepped up to the plate and has been a great addition to the Bluebird nest.  Originally teaching at Lloyd Memorial high school, which is in Erlanger, Kentucky, Volpenhein moved to Highlands.

“My decision to make a change had a lot to do with the fact that my wife is a principal at my old school. It was nice working together, but after doing it for a few years, it was a good time to move on and try something else, so we weren’t talking about school all the time,” Volpenhein explained.

Volpenhein teaches Geometry and Algebra II, as well as AP Computer Science Principles. He enjoys teaching math because he loves to take what he has learned and pass it on to his students. 

Even though he is  away from his previous school, that didn’t stop Volpenhein from keeping those friendships with old co-workers from Lloyd Memorial High School.

“Although keeping in touch has been made much more difficult lately, I do have a handful of friends from Lloyd I communicate with regularly as I worked there for nearly ten years,” Volpenhein commented.

Volpenhein has really enjoyed his time here and has become close with his fellow co-workers in the math department.

Volpenhein said, “I really appreciate all the help I have received from my coworkers in the math department over the course of my first year. Through conversations about school during lunch and between classes I have gotten to know most of them well, which has been great.”

“I think math class is a great place to work on formulating arguments leading to discussions where we must clearly communicate our ideas. I love when questions in class turn into discussions where people have a difference in opinion that we must work out by talking to each other. I think math class is a great source for those kinds of experiences and that we can learn a lot from them,” Volpenhein added.

Overall, Volpenhein has made a great addition to the Bluebird nest.