Dear Teeka: Time Management


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Dear Teeka,

What are some tips to manage time? 


Highlands Student


Dear Highlands Student, 

During these unprecedented times, time management can seem like it’s unnecessary or tedious– especially with school work. Almost every student thought the same thing at one point or another: “Why do I have to do this assignment now?” 

Amid a pandemic, procrastination became an all-time high for some students. With classes changing back to in-person learning, this new level of procrastination could become damaging.

Adjusting back to a normal school schedule, and getting back into the swing of things, for that matter, will be a challenge. Here are a few tips to help settle into a new routine:

1.) Set Alarms

Setting alarms keep students on track. Not only is it a continual reminder, but it also is a hint of motivation if done suitably. Make the label of the alarm something fun and enjoyable for you. 

For example, instead of labeling your alarm “Time for Homework”, label it “The procrastination station has closed for the day, so it’s time to do your homework.” 

2.) Plan! Plan! Plan!

If you don’t plan and strategize how you’re going to tackle your heavy workload, you will only overwhelm yourself and procrastinate more. Take five minutes to organize yourself before sitting down to work. Set goals, timeframes, even 10 minutes here and there to take a small breather. You can make your own schedule– just make sure it’s productive and works well for you. 

3.) Have a quiet and focused environment.

We were all advised to find a quiet and focused environment for schoolwork when NTI began. The same goes for homework. Eliminate as many distractions as possible. Not only will this keep you focused and engaged with your work, but it will also help you get the work done faster. 

Adjusting back to in-person learning will be an uphill climb for everyone. Each and every student has their own unique pace. Make sure the changes to your routine work well for you and your schedule. After that, time management should come to you with ease.




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