Five activities to do while quarantined


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) put out an announcement Sunday evening advising against gatherings of over 50 people for the next eight weeks. Additionally, both Ohio and Kentucky have put out announcements stating that all restaurants are closed for sit-down dining. All across the nation, schools and businesses are closing, and many events are being canceled due to COVID-19, displaying the importance of social distancing. 

While social distancing may be a bore and many are disregarding these recommendations to stay at home and aid in flattening the curve, these precautions are necessary. While at home, though, there are still a multitude of fun and productive activities to do. 

Below, check out five activities to do while quarantined. 

  • ACT Preparation on Naviance

No matter your grade, you’ll be taking the ACT at some point in your high school career. Especially for juniors, preparation for this standardized test is a big deal as college applications approach. Naviance, home to scheduling, college, and career resources, also houses a Naviance Test Prep section. Here, you can see where your current standing is in the ACT and practice whatever you feel the need to. If you were planning to do an in-person ACT prep class, this is a free alternative, and you don’t have to leave the houses amid this pandemic.

To get to this Naviance Test Prep page, scroll to the bottom of the Naviance Student home page. You’ll see it on the left under “Resources to get ready.”

  • Resume Building

Also important to all grades is resume building. No matter what track you plan to head down following graduation, you’ll need a resume. Additionally, if you want to get a job while still in high school, you’ll need a resume showing who you are and what accomplishments you have. Following some ACT prep on Naviance, you can build your resume on the same site. In this portion of Naviance, you can enter your Education, Volunteer Service, Extracurricular Activities, and Awards. Then, whenever you need it, you can print it out and send it!

To find this Resume page, go to “About Me” in the top right of the Naviance Student home page, click on “My Stuff” and then click on “Resume.” Adding things are easy, and you can always go back and edit or add more as your progress in your educational career.

  • Clean out your Closet

With spring right around the corner, the time for Spring Cleaning has come! Head to your closet and pull out what you haven’t worn in years. You can donate these clothes to places such as Goodwill or Care Closet to help the less fortunate, or you can sell them online at places such as thredUp and Poshmark to get some extra cash.

You can continue with your Spring Cleaning by clearing out some books, papers, and other things you haven’t used in a while and donating or selling them as well.

  • Learn a New Skill

Learning a new skill is a great idea whether you want to have some fun or if you want to be practical. Juggling or an instrument is sure to impress anyone you come across, while public speaking or learning a language are great ways to further yourself academically. And for those of you heading into adulthood, learning how to change a tire and managing a bank account of vital skills.

Sit down with your parents or look up online how to do some of these skills, and let us know what you’ve decided to take on!

  • Make Cards for People in Nursing Home

With COVID-19 closing many nursing homes to visitors, many of the people living in these homes are stuck in their rooms all day, every day. In order to cheer them up, write a card or color a picture to liven up their rooms and lives in this dull time.

In the area, a few nursing homes include Highlandspring, Barrington, and Carmel Manor. Here, you can find some printable coloring pages. Just make sure to wash your hands before creating and mailing them!

These aren’t all of the things you can do while staying at home. However, whatever you decided to do, make sure to do it in small, sanitary groups!