Dear Teeka: Success


Dear Teeka,

What does success mean to you? And in what degree of importance does success lie upon?


Edrin Ahlfeld


Dear Edrin Ahlfeld,

Success is something that is so abstract that it can mean a multitude of things, whether they are big or small. I believe that it mainly depends on what your goals are. The definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. However, I believe that success could also mean the improvement of one particular skill or goal.

If someone were to say that their main goal was to raise their chemistry grade from a C to an A, but they established that goal with only two weeks left to a quarter, that may not be entirely possible. Let’s say that by the end of the quarter, they were able to raise their grade to a B+. To me, that would be a very successful improvement to make that turn around in such a small amount of time.

Success is also extremely important for mental health and to keep morale high for students of all grades. The more you achieve and improve, the better you’ll feel about your academic or occupational standings.

However, success can also become a very competitive concept. It is better to keep your advancements to yourself as it may make your friend, peer, or even family members feel less of themselves. Yes, it is good to share, but be careful of the words and phrases you use. You DEFINITELY should not brag or boast.

If you are worried about your future, or anything to deal with your success in life, just take a breath. Calm down. One math test or one English presentation won’t dictate whether you become homeless or not. Enjoy the miniature successes and achievements you have now, and kick back and relax as you watch them grow as you get older.

You are bound to do great things!


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