Voices in the Hall: Students share Fall Break plans

Lexie Crawford, Editor-in-Chief

Fall break allows students to take a couple day break from the hecticness of school and catch up on sleep, visit colleges, or enjoy some of the fun fall activities in the area. Below are what some Highlands students are planning to do over the break. 

Senior Rylee Thomas: “I’m playing soccer at the game on Saturday and hanging with my friends to watch movies and get into the Haloween spirit.”






Junior Gannon Ehrman: “I’m going to hang with some friends, go to the aquarium, and go to Halloween Haunt at Kings Island. I’m also super excited to be playing with the University of Kentucky marching band at the game Friday.”





Sophomore Thomas Gray-Torsell: “We’re going to regionals for soccer. We’re facing a hard team, but I’m looking forward to playing and seeing how we do.”






Freshman Kayleigh Nicolaus: “I’ll be dancing at the football game Friday and visiting Kings Island with my family sometime over the break.”