Juniors run for class officer positions


Juniors running for class officers decked the front entrance with campaign posters.

For the past week, Juniors dedicated to the well-being of Highlands and its students have been campaigning for class officer positions in preparation for elections this week, September 16th through the 20th. In order for their fellow classmates to be informed voters, candidates have sent in their biographies explaining their positions and reasons for running.

Candidates for Class President:

  • Kayla Bolling: I am Kayla Bolling and running for president for the class of 2021. I am a member of the Highland’s Varsity Dance Team, National English Honor’s Society, Math Honor’s Society, Big Buddies, and Freshman Mentoring. Through my experience and involvement in these clubs, I believe that I am ready for the responsibility of being president. I will work hard to make prom and graduation special by listening to your ideas and incorporating them into our plans. I hope to be a part of making a memorable experience for everyone, vote me for junior class president!
  • Priscilla Caballero: Hi, I’m Priscilla Caballero and I’m running for Junior Class President. I decided to run this year because I thought it would be a really fun opportunity to get to know my classmates, plan more exciting activities for our class, and further my leadership skills. I also feel that I could bring a lot of new ideas to the table and really be a good representative of our class and what a Bluebird should be. The end of high school is quickly approaching and I want to make the rest of the time we have together the best that it can be, so remember: Vote Priscilla for President!
  • Cara Doughtery: Hi! My name is Cara Dougherty and I’m running for junior class president this year. I think it would be an amazing opportunity if I was elected, as I have some amazing ideas for prom and much more! I would love to hear your ideas as well to incorporate them and I hope we can have a wonderful year together!
  • Tommy Ferris: I want to make the student voice play a more prominent role in school decisions and give our class a platform to express our needs. Sometimes as students it feels as though our thoughts don’t matter in much of anything. If I win, I will ensure that every student knows and believes that their voice matters. You want me to win because I want you to win. Tommy Ferris for President.
  • Joss Finseth: My name is Joss (the Boss) and I’m running for president of the junior class. To me, this means not only organizing school events but also being a fun leader for the class and bringing us all back together for the reunion. I love sports, watching sports, my dog, and I love this class. Vote Joss for Boss.
  • Hollis Lowenstein: Contrary to popular belief, I do not eat babies. Today is a new day in history because I have finally abolished slavery. Then I united the people of the world into a more perfect union and then divided them. The fires of revolution will be extinguished because I am Hollis, of weasel priest, the best of the worst, the singularity, the pinnacle of nothing, times conflux, and the king of Mars.

Candidates for Class Vice President:

  • Devlin Cassidy: J. Devlin Cassidy is a Johnson Elementary alum who has held a number of leadership positions including principal cellist of HHS Sinfonia this school year. He is a graduate of the Marine Military Academy 4-week summer program in Harlingen, Texas, and a recent participant in the National Youth Leadership Forum: National Security and Defense in Washington D.C. where he was elected to lead his team of high school upper class-men and women from across the nation, as POTUS, in a cybersecurity war game. Devlin is currently working on his Eagle Scout rank, and has served as Senior Patrol Leader and Chaplain of Boy Scouts of America Troop 70 (Ft. Thomas). Devlin is currently in training to become a Lay Eucharistic Minister and lector at St. Peter in Chains Cathedral in Cincinnati. Devlin hopes to serve his Junior class as Vice President and would appreciate your vote.
  • Ellen Rowland: Hi, my name is Ellie Rowland, but most people call me Ellen. Golf is life, although I also love being involved in the Highlands theatre program and art club. I really hope to earn your vote for Vice President of the Junior Class. #I’m Ellen, come Rowl with me.

Candidates for Class Secretary:

  • Maggie Stieby: My name is Maggie Stieby, and I am running for Class Secretary! I am an extremely qualified candidate because I have a strong work ethic, respect towards everyone, and will listen to every student’s opinion. I am involved in many activities throughout the school, including the high school soccer and basketball team. I am also in Tri-M Honors Music Society, Math Honors Society, She Became, and several other programs outside of the school. I have some great ideas to better our school, and I hope that I can pursue these plans as your secretary!

Candidates for Class Treasurer:

  • Lexie Crawford: My name is Lexie Crawford and I am running for treasurer of the junior class. I love the whole Highlands community and am deeply involved with many activities, such as service opportunities, extra-curriculars, and other events within the community. I am the editor-in-chief of the Hilltopper, the school paper, and manage my own photography business. Additionally, I am involved in Freshman Mentoring, FCCLA, Art Club, Theatre, National Math Honor Society, and National English Honor Society, Cross Country, and Track & Field. Though my schedule is kept busy because of these activities and maintaining a 4.0 GPA, I am not overwhelmed by my workload and am able to dedicate time to being class treasurer and helping to plan some awesome events! I hope that you’ll consider voting for me, as I believe I’ll be a fantastic asset to you all!
  • Corina Mills: My name is Corina Mills and I am running for class treasurer. I am a straight-A student who has ample experience in leadership, brought through roles such as HMS Student Council President, Math Honor Society President, Spanish Club Officer, Freshman Mentor, and more. I currently am participating in a number of extracurricular activities including high school and club soccer, hospital volunteering, Spanish and math tutoring, Student Council, She Became, and English Honor Society. I believe through my involvement in these activities I am highly prepared to step up to the position as class treasurer. Vote for me!

Candidates for Class Representatives:

  • Emma Coulter: Hi, my name is Emma Coulter and I am running for Junior Class Representative. I am a cheerleader for Highlands Sideline and Competition team. I currently work at Midway Cafe in Fort Thomas as a busser. I hope to count on your vote on Friday, September 20th!

*The Hilltopper sent out an email requesting bios from all candidates. If any candidates did not send a bio in and are thus not included in this article, the Hilltopper is not at fault.