Horoscopes February 11th-15th

Aries: Aries are known as the leaders of the pack. They prefer to initiate rather than complete. They are independent, have an upbeat personality, and bring excitement into other people’s lives.

  • This week, you may finally reach an important goal that you have been working hard towards. Now that you have met your goal, you will finally be able to relax with friends and family. Don’t be afraid of the downtime that is in your future, use it to make new friends or rekindle old relationships. Romance, in particular, will go well this week. Feel free to indulge in a little celebration.

Taurus: Tauruses are all about reward and enjoy psychical pleasures, as well as material goods. They have an eye for beauty, tend to be good with finances, self-indulgent, and a little possessive at times.

  • Something you’ve wanted to study for a long time may finally be within your grasp and will be the center of your focus for the week. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity. It isn’t every week that you are able to sit down and focus your energy on something important so make the most of this endeavor. Maybe this project will lead to future career plans or studies.

Gemini: Gemini love to talk. They are expressive, quick-witted, sociable, ready for fun, but can also be known to be two-faced at times.

  • Some upsetting dreams might haunt you this week. These dreams might evoke some uncomfortable emotional issues. You might be a bit edgy emotionally and more likely to overreact when other people fight. It might be a good idea to analyze your dreams first thing in the morning so you can learn from and release them. That way you will be more balanced throughout your week.

Cancer: Cancers take pleasure in the comforts of home and family. They love to nurture others. They are also known to be sentimental, emotional, sensitive, and to get attached very quickly to others.

  • This week, you can expect to have a highly interesting and intelligent conversation with someone. The person (or people) will tell you fascinating information that you were not aware of previously and will provide you with a ton of information. This knowledge will open doors to a whole new world of possibilities. Excitement and happiness will be with you all week. This conversation will have an impact on your future.

Leo: Leos love being the center of attention and have a desire to be loved. They are known to be impatient and egotistic, yet passionate.

  • Your physical and mental energy are exceptionally strong this week. If you’re creative, you will want to put that energy into a project that means a lot to you. If you’re athletic, you will probably want to get outside and play a game or go for a run. Make sure that the energy will be long-lasting before you take on any new projects though. Pace yourself and try not to burn yourself out too quickly.

Virgo: Virgos are picky, critical, and have great attention to detail. They are seen as innocent, dedicated, and witty, but can also be overbearing, self-destructive, and preachy.

  • Relationships with other people should be going very well this week and you feel more loved than ever. A new friend or perhaps an old one you haven’t seen in a while could suddenly become a powerful part of your life. You’re probably feeling exceptionally creative and more likely to make a success of whatever new ideas you have. Prepare for a busy and satisfying week.

Libra: Libras are kind, gentle, and lovers of beauty, harmony, and peace. However, in their effort to keep everyone happy, they find it difficult to say ‘no’ to anyone, and as a result, they end up getting stressed.

  • Family members might not be in the best of moods this week. Frustration with work or friends could have tempers on edge, so try to avoid the temptation to get into arguments- in the end, no one wins. The problems will be resolved when the bad mood passes. This is a good week to spend time by yourself.

Scorpio: Scorpios are seen as serious, known to keep their emotions hidden, are very intuitive, mysterious, and intense. They are known to have brilliant minds and be very controlling of the people and situations around them.

  • A lot of letters, calls, and other communications could skyrocket you into a new and unexpected way of thinking this week. If you’ve been debating trying your hand at writing or speaking, this is the week to work on it. All signs indicate good fortune will come your way at this time, though it might sneak up on you and leave you a bit disconcerted. Pull yourself together and go for it.

Sagittarius:  Sagittariuses are seen as being curious and energetic. They are one of the biggest travelers among all zodiac signs. Their open mind and philosophical views motivate them to wander around the world in search of the meaning of life.

  • Good fortune is coming your way this week and your life may finally seem to be moving in the direction you wanted. However, you may feel frustrated by a lot of minor upsets that seem to come out of nowhere. Dropping things, losing objects you just had in your hand, forgetting names – just about anything could happen. Try to see the humor in it and stay cool.

Capricorn: Capricorns are all about hard work. They are very ambitious, determined, conservative, helpful, and practical. They are good team leaders, are known to have a single-minded focus, but can also be resentful and suspicious of others.

  • Old emotions, impressions, and memories could come up from your subconscious this week. This may preoccupy you and keep you from enjoying things that are right in front of you. Old thoughts can be good from time to time, however, an abundance of them can put you in a funk. Write down your thoughts and then distract yourself by doing something you love.

Aquarius: Aquarians are shy and quiet, but on the other hand they can be eccentric and energetic. However, in both cases, they are deep thinkers and highly intellectual people who love helping others. They can see without prejudice on both sides, which makes them people who can easily solve problems.

  • Social events can be proven to be more thought-provoking than normal. Discussions of every subject imaginable could take place around you, and you might have trouble deciding which ones you want to join. Try to pick a topic that piques your interest the most and go along with it. Surrounding yourself with people who have similar interests can come out as favorable for you in the future.

Pisces:  Pisces are very friendly, so they often find themselves in a company of very different people. They are selfless, and always willing to help others without hoping to get anything back. They are characterized by empathy and expressed emotional capacity.

  • Your writing, speaking, and communicating skills are enhanced this week. Therefore, you can expect to impress a lot of people around you who might. Who knows, maybe you can even change a few minds. People will express their sympathy openly, and you will feel integrated and accepted throughout the day.