Freezing Temperatures Foreshadow Possibility of Cancellation

     Temperatures below zero and wind chills up to 22 miles per hour will make tomorrow in Fort Thomas feel like Antarctica.

     Fort Thomas Independent Schools recently put out an announcement with wind chill information. It states:

     “On particular cold mornings, the district continuously monitors the National Weather Service. There are two scenarios that come from the weather service: a Wind Chill Advisory and a Wind Chill Warning. According to the National Weather Service:

          – Wind Chill Advisory: Wind chills between -10 and -24 degrees and at least a wind of 10 MPH or more

          – Wind Chill Warning: Wind Chill -25 degrees and below with at least a wind of 10 MPH or more.”

     The district will not make a decision to close schools until the National Weather Service issues a wind chill warning for Fort Thomas, which will, more than likely, come out tomorrow morning.

      However, this is only for a wind chill warning. If there is a wind chill advisory, the district will most likely remain open.

     There have been several mixed reactions to the idea of cancellation.

      Freshman David Dierig believes that school should be out of session tomorrow. He stated, “I think if it’s going to be as cold as they say, it’s not okay to send students to school. I don’t want something bad like another power outage to happen.”

     Senior Samantha McKinley said, “I don’t think they should cancel school. They’re trying to avoid adding more snow days, which is important to me as a senior.

     She is aware that a lot of people walk to school, but she believes that if, they bundle up, they’ll be okay.

     (If you need help staying warm, be sure to check out another article for Toasty Tips here:

     Melissa Clasgens, HHS math teacher, also stated her opinion about tomorrow. She shared, “Most parents drive their kids on days like this. There are really no classes outside and students won’t be outside for anywhere near 30 minutes, the time it takes for frostbite to set in.”

     However, she also understands the difficulties of students walking to school. She said, “That’s a different story. Those who make the decision should take that into account.”

     Students should not get their hopes up for cancellation. Although it will be cold and the administration is aware of the difficulties students may face, the popular opinion is school will be on for tomorrow.


*EDIT: The last two sentences were of opinion. School did, in fact, get canceled on Wednesday, January 30th.*