Imagine Dragons: Origins Album Review

Are you a person who loves music and can’t get enough of it? Need a new album to listen to for the week? Imagine Dragons dropped a new album on November 9th, 2018 called Origins.


Imagine Dragons has been a personal favorite of mine ever since 2013. If you’re an Imagine Dragons fan, the ultimate question is if this new album is worth the listen. So, does this new album live up to the hype? Here are my Top 5 picks for the best songs on the album.


5.) Stuck (Song 11)


This is a song I recommend putting on your study or homework playlist. The beat isn’t too distracting like other songs on this album such as Digital. This song also shows that Imagine Dragons is focusing more on companionship compared to other albums. The simple title for this song works as well,  since it’s a song where the audience wants to think of those simple old times, scoring the 5th spot on this list.


4.) Cool Out (Song 4)


This song shocked me with how good it was. The lyrics of putting your mind on cruise control really adds to the the beat. The beat of the song feels  like you’re in a car on a road trip. This is a song to roll down your car windows to and blast on a Friday night drive. Yet this song does have a sad tone to it once you listen to the lyrics. It reminded me of Good Grief by Bastille, a song that has a happy beat yet sad lyrics. This song also reminds me of their older songs,which can be a throwback for older fans, scoring the 4th spot on this list.


3.) Natural (Song 1)


This song has a catchy beat to it. It’s the definition of a song being overplayed on the radio. But somehow this song doesn’t have the annoyance behind it of being overplayed. Personally, this is the only song on the album that I heard on the radio beforehand. Yet this song does have an impact. With the beat drop going into the chorus, you can’t help but turn the volume up on the radio. It has the same impact as Believer did when it was released. Overall this song is amazing, rightfully placing in the 3rd spot on this list.


2.) Love


An Imagine Dragons song never has brought tears to my eyes, but this one made me tear up. It talks about our society and how we have become less accepting of each other, asking where we all went wrong. It really makes you reflect on how you look at others and the world. This song has to be one of the best on the album. It does it’s job of telling us that we are one. A message that can truly connect to anyone, is what a song’s goal is. This is the song on the album that really makes an impact, so this song deserves the 2nd spot on this list.


1.) West Coast


The guitar in this song is a major difference to all the other songs Imagine Dragons has done. This song in general is so different from anything that they’ve ever done. Yet this song is a tune that will make the listener know it’s Imagine Dragons. This song actually has a happier theme over a lot of the over songs. West Coast is such a fitting name. It gave me the imagery of walking along a beach at sunset. It reminds the listener of those memories from the beach that are moments someone never wants to forget. It reminds them of that one person in their life that changed their whole universe for the better. A song’s goal is to relate or connect to a large audience, and this track is one of those songs that all kinds of people can relate to. Because of how different it is and how heartwarming it is, this song scores the top spot.


To answer the ultimate question, is this album worth the listen? The answer to that is yes. This album has a large arrange of songs that will make the listener want to continue until the very end. Each song is unique and separate from the other songs. This album is as diverse as Night Visions, making Origins overall worth buying.