Dear Evie and Dee: Family and Grades

Dear Evie and Dee,


Thanksgiving is coming up, and I’m starting to feel really anxious. I have a big family, but I’ve never been very close to them. I’d honestly rather spend the holiday with my friends. Is it wrong to feel that way?



Thanksgiving Dilemma


Dear Thanksgiving Dilemma,


Everyone can have their own definition of family. For some, family is strictly blood relatives, but really family is so much more than this. Your family is the people that you feel comfortable with, that you can always count on, and that you can be yourself with. Maybe that is your immediate family, or maybe that is your adoptive family, or just your closest friends.


The holidays, mostly Thanksgiving and Christmas, are usually labeled as time for family. In your case, maybe the best option is to have multiple thanksgivings. Give some time to your immediate family; it may not be enjoyable, but it will be appreciated. If you’re up for it, plan a second get together for just you and your friends. A “Friendsgiving.” Everyone can bring food, and you can have a good time without having to feel the pressure of the usual Thanksgiving. The holidays are supposed to be an enjoyable time, so you deserve to spend it with who you truly feel comfortable with.



Evie and Dee




Dear Evie and Dee


Right now I’m only concerned with keeping my grades up!



Exhausted at School


Dear Exhausted at School,


Obviously, grades are important. A good GPA can improve your chances of getting into college. Your grades should be one of your priorities during high school, but definitely not your only one. It’s equally important to take time for yourself, and the things that you enjoy doing. Set a certain time every day to do homework. This can be right after school, after dinner, or maybe before you go to bed. Make sure that your homework gets done, but don’t spend your whole night worrying about it. Use the rest of your time to do extracurriculars. Try out a new sport, join a club, or even find a job/volunteer work. However, the most important thing is that you alot time every day or every week for relaxing. Take time to read, watch TV, or play on your computer/phone.


If you’re struggling to keep your grades up, talk to your teacher or find a tutor. Grades should be a priority, but so if your well-being.



Evie and Dee


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